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Founded in 2000, e-Educational Systems and Research offers a unique blend of business philosophies geared for the diverse opportunities of today's emerging instructional environments. We are a unique professional services firm specializing in a variety of related business opportunities such as program evaluation, content development, requirements development, and facilitation. These services are specially structured for the advanced modern learning demands of governments, institutions, and private industry.


Summary of Services

Placing primary emphasis on advancing learning processes, e-Educational Systems and Research specializes in the following aspects of modern instructional programs:

  • Requirement definition
  • Program evaluation
  • Direct and indirect expense modeling (i.e., finance)
  • Applied quantitative statistical analysis and modeling
  • Content development
  • Advisement and facilitation services
  • Institutional assessment
  • Partnering and program facilitation
  • Technical insertion and representation
  • Strategic planning


Our Solution

Every customer is unique and exacts specifically tailored solutions. At e-Educational Systems and Research, an unusual degree of formal and informal coordination is the rule, allowing us to maintain close concentrated oversight of each customer's requirements. Our specialized knowledge is rooted in firsthand experience, rounded out by a remarkably current awareness of the state and direction of industry. We leverage a heterogeneous network of contacts, creating balanced strategies that are distinguished by innovation, impartiality, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. That loosely structured approach affords the "best fit" solution; ensuring that all customers are served capably and continuously without unjustified or unsubstantiated claims of product performance, applied technology, or market dynamics.

When appropriately employed, we are an effective adjuvant to any organization seeking unbiased knowledge, skills, and resources. We take great pride in being responsive and responsible to our customers and look forward to adding your organization to our growing family of satisfied clientele.


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